So, you’ve found what seems to be the perfect property, and you want to move in, hHere are the steps you must take before you get the keys.

1. Submit the completed online Rental Application form below and download  the Guarantor Agreement and have it filled out and signed.

2. Read the FAQs page so you will  know if there is any reason why you can’t rent from us (i.e. pet, water furniture, etc.)

3. Make an orientation appointment either by phone (323) 400-7678 or by email or fill out the form on our Contact page. At this orientation, we will discuss the requirements for living in our properties. We will also review the Rental Application form you submitted and Guarantor Agreement you had filled out and signed. If you have any supplemental documents (letters of recommendation, resumes, etc) please bring them to this meeting. This meeting is very important since it has a lot of influence on our final decision.

We may also require that your Guarantor call the office to vouch for your good behavior. And, if appropriate, we may also give you our Rental Verification form and have your your current landlord fill it out and return it to us.

4. Come to the office to schedule an appointment to see the property. One of our employees will walk through the property with you and answer any questions you may have.

5. Once all your paperwork is submitted, we will finally make a desicion among the applicant groups. We want to make sure that you are exactly what we are looking for in tenants.

Government Issued ID

  • State Identification ( Driver’s License, State Identification )
  • Federal Identification ( Passport, Visa )

Proof of Income / Employment & Enrollment

  • Two Most Recent Pay stubs
  • Credit Check
  • Guarantor Agreement (if/when applicable)
  • I-20 (for international applicants)
  • Proof of school enrollment (if/when applicable)

Rental Application Form

Owner/Agent has the right to reject this application at any time prior to the execution of the Lease Agreement. Applicant hereby represents that he/she is a USC student and that the above statements are true and complete, and applicant hereby authorizes owner/agent to make inquiries concerning any statement made herein.

Please download this Guarantor Agreement by clicking on the down arrow button ⬇.

Guarantor’s Form

Please download this Lease Agreement by clicking on the down arrow button ⬇.

Lease Agreement

I want to move in before my lease start date, is this possible?
You can only move in on or after the day that your lease starts, arrangement and preparations have been organized and scheduled in advance to ensure that your unit will be ready for you as of the start date on your lease agreement.

I won’t be able to pick up keys on my lease start date, can I have a friend or roommate pick them up for me?
If you need a friend to pick up your keys you will need to provide us with an email authorization or letter prior to their picking up the keys.  If you are having roommates, you need to make sure everyone pays their share of rent prior to collecting your keys. If you choose to pay on your move in date, please bring a money order or cashier’s check.

I need to purchase parking, how do I do this?
If you need to purchase parking prior to moving in please email Parking may be available for purchase on move in day based on availability. It is best to arrange and secure your parking prior to moving in.

When do I turn on the utilities
Make sure you set up the necessary utilities prior to your move in day.

Can I use my Security Deposit to pay my last months Rent?
No. Your Security Deposit cannot be used to pay your last month’s Rent.

Where and when do I return my keys
Your keys are due by 12:00 noon on the last day of your lease agreement. Keys received after this will be considered late and incur holdover charges per the terms of your lease. Keys must be returned in person to our office.

My lease ends on the weekend, when do I return my keys?
If your lease ends on the weekend, your keys are due back by 12 noon the following Monday.

I need to turn my keys in before my lease end date, is this ok?
Yes, however you will be required to fill out an Early Key Authorization form releasing your unit to Absolute Student Housing prior to your lease end date. Please note that you will not receive any proration back on your rent.

Is there anything I need to fill out before moving out?
Yes, prior to or on the day that you return your keys, you will be required to fill out a Move Out and Security Deposit Agreement form providing us with your new mailing addresses and deposit return instructions is there are multiple tenants on a lease agreement. If we do not receive a Move Out and Security Deposit Agreement form, your deposit will be mailed to the address on your Lease Agreement and made out in all tenants names.

What charges should I expect to be deducted from my Security Deposit?
All tenants moving out will receive an email with detailed move out instructions that include an estimate for the most common charges including painting and cleaning. In addition to damages, any outstanding accounting balances will also be deducted from the Security Deposit.

I would like to request a pre-move out inspection, how and when do I do this?
Prior to moving out, you can request a pre-inspection by emailing us to set up an appointment. You do not need to be home during the pre-inspection and any findings will be emailed to you.

What if I receive mail after I turn in my keys?
Once you return your mailbox keys, we are unable to re-issue them to you as they now belong to the new tenants. We suggest that you put in a change of address with The United States Postal service HERE. Any packages received will be returned to sender and will not be held in our office.

Can I leave furniture in my unit for the incoming tenants?
No. Due to liability reasons, we no longer allow tenants to leave any furniture or personal belongings in the unit past their lease end date. No exceptions. If you wish to give the new tenants your furniture, it must be moved out and then moved back in once they pick up their keys.

Is there anything else I need to do before moving out?
Please make sure to remove any utilities from your name as of the LAST day of your Lease Agreement.