How far are your properties from campus?
All of our units are very close to campus. For most of them takes about 10-15 minute walk.

What amenities do your properties offer?
All of our properties come equipped with stoves and refrigerators. Some have heating, air conditioning, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Please see the specific property page for more information.

Are utilities included in the rent?
The utilities included in the rent varies unit by unit. All tenants will pay a portion of the water bill. For the other utilities, you will either be expected to set them up and pay them yourself, or you will be billed by the office if they’ve already been installed in the property. This second scenario is rare, and you will be given more details if it applies to your property. Please see the specific property page for more information.

What is the length of the lease?
All our properties operate on 12 month leases.

What are you looking for in a tenant? How can I be a stronger applicant?
We are looking for quiet, respectful, non-partying, non-smoking tenants. Because this is a residential neighborhood, we want our tenants to be quiet, so they do not disturb the neighbors. We also require that you are respectful towards the property.

To be a strong applicant, please prove to us that you will be our dream tenant. We will consider all resumes, letters of recommendation, etc that are included with the application.

What are the steps to apply?
Please see the Application Steps on the Leasing page.

Can I have a pet?
All pets are strictly prohibited.

Is my property cleaned? How often? How does the cleaning process work?
Any property that has more than two bedrooms requires a housecleaning service. The housecleaner comes twice a month to clean common areas. The first time will be paid by you and will be included in your rent; the second time will be paid by “Absolute Student Housing.”

Do you offer parking at your properties?
All of our properties have parking available. The houses have parking areas provided at no extra charge. The apartments have spots that are available for $150 per month. If you would like one, please come to the office to fill out an application.

I still have unanswered questions!
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the properties. Please call the office at (323) 730-0433, e-mail us at 29housing@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Form on the Contact page.